TWR are providing a new service to complement their current range of restorative services, this now includes a full strip down and rebuild service where every part of your precious vintage Monkey Bike engine will be examined, checked and repairs advised if need be.

It does not matter what condition the engine is in, as you can tell from the pictures we’ve worked with all ages and conditions of Monkey Bike and every single client so far has been pleased with the results and the price.

  • Cases will be stripped and bead blasted, ending up looking how they did when they rolled out of the factory.
  • Barrel can be cleaned and painted to your liking.
  • Cylinder head will be stripped and examined, bead blasted and then polished to perfection!
  • Side cases will be stripped, painted and polished. We will then re-assemble with all new nuts, screws, washers and gaskets.

To top what is listed above we also have the ability to repair cracked and / or broken engines and side cases, restoring them to their former glory.

For a bespoke quote please get in touch by any of the methods below or call on 07903 939229.



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